E i l e e n T h o m a s I n t e g r a t i v e B o d y w o r k
E i l e e n  T h o m a sI n t e g r a t i v e   B o d y w o r k 

About Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy enhances health by re-igniting the healing forces inherent within all of us. This potent healing force moves within the rhythms of the cerebral spinal fluid, cleansing, cushioning and bringing nutrition to our central nervous system which impacts health throughout the whole body. Tuning into this deep resonance allows the process of healing to unfold. Profound in its simplicity, craniosacral therapy can resolve long held issues of pain and tension associated with injury, illness or trauma with spaciousness and depth.

What is a session like?

In a cranial session, we start with a brief intake of issues that are present for you. Sessions are done fully clothed and you rest comfortably on the table. Cranial work is a process, as your body and mind rest and deepen into relaxation, I "listen" with hands-on to the deep movements within the body's central fluid system. I may be at the feet, sacrum, abdomen or head. We can negotiate and dialog as needed as the session progresses. The biodynamic approach in craniosacral therapy trusts that the body knows what it needs to heal and regain its essence and vitality. We work toward wholeness and allow the body the time and space to resolve unhealthy or unuseful patterns.

"At the core is stillness, which revitalizes and refuels the body with its simplicity and profound essence of being."

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